The service network covers the entire national territory.

Our staff is composed of the best operators of this field, both from the firms we represent and from outsourced companies we cooperate with, in order to allow the promptest technical intervention and/or the fastest possible supplying of spare parts.

On the new machineries We can install Teleservice and Remote Diagnostic. In this way our service operators can get information about the status of the machine and give real-time solutions. This allows an immediate response and, if necessary, to organize a technical intervention on the spot in the shortest time.

Furthermore, Sms remote control systems are available to let the machine and his operator to communicate about its running status. The completion of an operating cycle or an interruption of the programme for instance.

At our premises we have a wide range of spare parts.

To speed up the service procedure, we beg you to inform us about your problems by e-mail or fax, please specify brand and type of the machine, year of manufacture, serial number and possibly, code and text of the alarm message or the required spare part.