Funding Systems: 

Thanks to our relationships with the major banks and leasing societies, we can offer you advice and support to find the most suitable, painless and profitable financial instrument.



To reach the prescribed high accuracy grade, Our machineries require a special foundation. Upon your request, we can give you details and names of companies that have been working with us for years, making this building constructions.


Transports and handlings: 

We cooperate with several societies which deal with transport, delivery and handling of large size machineries. Those companies are equipped with all the means and the required experience for the consignment of our machineries by land and sea and their positioning at the customer’s. All this at the most competitive prices.


Installation and Startup: 

Our staff and/or our partners, will perform the installation and startup of our machines, both new and used ones, as agreed to within the terms of the contract.



It is possible to organize training courses, both standard or individual ones, to allow a more and more effective, efficient and productive use and programming, of our machines and to keep their upgrade level suitable for a ever more dynamic and evolving market. The Courses, which have to be paid, can take place at the customer’s premises or specific centers.


Spare Parts: 

We have a wide range of spare parts for new and used machines. If something is not available, we will get it from its producer or from our suppliers, as soon as possible. To speed up the procedure we beg you to give us the type of machine, its serial number, the name and code of the required spare part. We will communicate the price and the delivery time to you.

Maintenance jobs, Overhauling and Retrofitting: 

To prevent sudden and unexpected machine downtimes and to keep the suitable upgrade and productivity level of your machinery inventory continuously , We can offer maintenance solutions to you, such as overhauling and retrofitting with the support of the personnel of the brands we represent or thanks to long-lasting partnerships with the main operators of this sector.